Vow Renewals

Are you one of the Special Couples who have successfully navigated Marriage?

Vow Renewals joyfully celebrate milestone years of marriage.

All your love, work and accomplishments across the years deserve recognition and celebration!

Cherished family and friends love to share in your joy and success.

When is the right time for a Vow Renewal?

Twenty-five and fifty years of marriage traditionally are perfect times to stop and reflect on the love that brought you together, the life’s journey you have taken and the family you share.

Many modern couples decide to celebrate five, ten, or fifteen years of marriage with a Vow Renewal. This is especially effective if you have experienced challenging years, or relationship difficulties.

Surprise Vow Renewals are a growing trend.

Children, friends and family will hold a party for the couple and surprise them by inviting a Wedding Officiant to participate in a vow renewal ceremony.

What does a Vow Renewal Ceremony contain?

It may be as simple as the couple exchanging vows and publicly renewing their love, or it can feel almost like an official wedding ceremony.

You may use your original vows and elements from your first ceremony, such as the same readings and payers. Or, it can be the dream wedding you never had that first time.

The ceremony may be non- religious or religious.

Your children can happily participate.

Is it a Wedding or Vow Renewal?

If you had a very private wedding recently (just the two of you and your Wedding Officiant), it is fine if your guests think this is your actual wedding ceremony. Bonus: You do not need another Marriage License!

Renew your promises to one another and celebrate your love any time that seems right to you!

Vow Renewal Testimonial

Thank you so much for helping out on our very special occasion. Everyone had a great time and thought you did a wonderful job for the ceremony. Bob and Bonnie enjoyed all of it. It turned out just as good as we hoped and Bonnie was totally surprised and had no clue. Thank you again.
Veronica (daughter-in-law 50th vow renewal celebration)

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