Massachusetts Marriage License

Are you having your Wedding Ceremony in Massachusetts?

A Massachusetts Marriage License is Required!

Any couple whose wedding will be held anywhere in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must have a current Massachusetts marriage license whether or not you live in Massachusetts.

Out-of-state licenses are never permissible!

Where to get your marriage license

You can apply for your marriage license in absolutely any city or town in Massachusetts. You do not have to go to the city hall where you live or the clerk’s office in the town where you will hold your wedding.
Choose any convenient town in Massachusetts to obtain your license.
Check with various cities. License fees vary considerably.

Filing Your Intentions

State law requires the Wedding Couple apply together for their marriage license. This is called filing your intentions and takes place in the city or town clerk’s office.
Massachusetts imposes a three-day waiting period from the day you file your marriage intentions to the day you may pick up your marriage license. The day the application is submitted is not included in the three-day waiting period.

Your marriage license is valid anywhere in Massachusetts for sixty days from the date you first filed.

Age Restrictions

Both people getting married must be at least eighteen years of age to obtain a marriage license. A court order is necessary for those under age.

Bring ID

You need a picture ID. Your Driver’s License or Passport are acceptable.
You also need either your Social Security card or tax return. Your mother’s maiden name as well as the correct spelling of your mother and father’s names is required.

Blood Tests?
Premarital blood tests are no longer required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They were eliminated in 2003.

Witnesses are not required in Massachusetts. You, the person who you will marry, and your officiant are the only people needed for a valid/legal marriage.

What happens to your Marriage License on your wedding day?

Prior to your ceremony, you must give your marriage license to your Wedding Officiant. Without this important document, your marriage is not legal! (The ceremony becomes just like a dress rehearsal.)
After your ceremony, the officiant will then take your license, record it in her permanent record book, accurately fill it out (in the required black ink), and mail it back to the city or town that issued it.
You must request a copy of your marriage license from that city or town. Neither the officiant nor the city/town will automatically mail a copy to you. Officiants can be fined for handing you back your filled out license.
These are the certified copies needed for changing names, bank accounts, insurance and other types of documentation.

Happy wedding!

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