Remarriages/Encore Weddings

What is an Encore Marriage?

This is a ceremony in which one or both people are re-marrying and often involves the blending of children from past relationships.

 Maryann always enjoys working with remarrying couples and creating with them a beautiful, personal wedding ceremony.

She tells us, ”These couples are exciting because they know what they want, usually are more mature, and bring to this new marriage hard-won wisdom gleaned from the past. They truly understand the meaning of “for better or for worse.’’

Maryann has, in twenty one years of service as a Massachusetts wedding officiant, extensive experience with remarrying couples. She has formulated hundreds of meaningful ceremonies with these couples and happily officiated their wedding

Together you and she will construct a memorable wedding that reflects your precious love, your unique relationship.

Your marriage ceremony can be a radical departure from your previous wedding.

Or, it may be a reinterpretation of cherished traditions that reflect your new love.

Now you know this time you have found the right partner, and this marriage is truly “until death do us part”.

What Next?

Maryann is available to meet with you at your convenience. Her schedule is flexible and her couples always come first.


Often, Encore Weddings involve children. Maryann offers many fun suggestions for including your children in your ceremony. She has a beautiful Family Ceremony that is very popular. A Sand Ceremony with children is also an excellent choice.

Call 413-949-3939  anytime, or email her at, or fill out the short form at the end of each section to schedule your Remarriage/Encore wedding. Customization appointments are available to create with Justice Maryann the ceremony of your dreams

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